Serious business Check betting provider before betting

Serious business: Check betting provider before betting

Betting money on various events, preferably in sports, is a real thrill for many users. Fun and adrenaline are combined with just one bet. It is therefore hardly surprising that more and more betting providers appear on the market and would like to profit from your money. For you as a user, it is therefore important that you carry out a betting provider comparison before you register on a website for the first time. Best betting providers are available at comparison sites for direct comparison.

This comparison is absolutely necessary. Still, users who are deceived by rogue betting providers have little chance to claim their losses.

Do not pay attention only to the appearance

As soon as you turn on the TV, your browser or the radio, you will be confronted with numerous advertisements. So certainly also when it comes to sports betting. Well-known betting providers call in well-known sportsmen and women when it comes to optimizing their appearance. This certainly inspires confidence in the provider and increases its standing in the market of reputable providers. No well-known sportsman risks his reputation, with a dubious betting provider. But not only here you can pay attention.

The bookmakers should show you seriousness, security and a careful handling of data. For example, if you want to withdraw a winnings, you must be asked for your personal documents. If the betting provider does not make this request, you should become suspicious. Anyone who does not ask for your documents, directly violates the Money Laundering Act.
In addition, a license is necessary for the distribution of sports bets. In the imprint or in the website footer should be noted one. Especially often they are issued by Malta or Gibraltar, as these EU states currently provide the most valuable licenses.
To be on the safe side, you can pay attention to whether a TÜV seal can be found.

Likewise, various deposit and withdrawal options should be available to you. The most common methods for depositing are a bank transfer, paying with credit card, but also PayPal or other reputable financial institutions. Only if it is a secure betting provider, these financial institutions enter into cooperation and provide your services for the website.

Football sports betting | Image: DS photo,, CC0 Creative Commons

As an incentive for you: Wide range of betting offers

To make betting really fun, the provider should offer numerous bets. Competent betting providers provide not only the most popular and popular sports. Likewise edge areas of the sport bets are made available, in order to accommodate each user. In addition to the sports of soccer, tennis, basketball and field hockey, you can also enjoy Formula 1 or futsal betting with a reputable provider.