The 6 best online casinos with the best payout ratio 2023

The 6 best online casinos with the best payout ratio 2023

The payout ratio, also called RTP ("Return To Player") ratio, is one of the decisive factors when choosing a casino and gambling game. The value of the payout ratio determines how much money all players get paid out again from a slot machine on average. This does not mean that an individual player is guaranteed to win at least that much on all rounds, but it represents the average of all users' winnings over a long period of time. The discrepancy between the stake and the payout ratio gives the turnover of a casino.

The following example:

The stake is 100 €.
The payout ratio is 98.
The long-term payout of the slot machine is €98.

The higher the RTP ratio, the higher chances a player has to win money.

How to find online casinos with the best payout ratios?

One way to find casinos with the best payout ratios is to look for the seals of independent institutes like eCOGRA, iTech Labs or GLI. These institutes act like a kind of TÜV for the various gambling companies and only certify a casino based on strict criteria. As a rule, the value of the payout of winnings is calculated from the average value of the winnings out of 10.000 rounds on a slot machine.

Another feature of a reputable casino is the publication of its RTP odds on the website of the casino itself. Since the payout ratio can also differ from slot machine to slot machine, it is always worth taking a look at the table for the house edge for the selected slots.

For example, one company that has been certified by all four institutes and always publishes its payout ratio is Gammix Casino Group Ltd.

What factors influence the payout rate?

One's skill has only a limited connection with the level of the RTP odds. However, depending on the game, the proportion of luck and skill can change. Generally, the rate of winnings on a slot machine is mainly determined by the casino as the developer of the slot. Legally, slots must have a payout ratio of at least 90. Also, not all slot machines offer a fixed payout rate. Some slots can also vary between defined percentages depending on mode and level.

Should I always choose a game with a highest payout ratio?

The focused reader may now rightly ask why one should not then always play only on machines with the highest chance of winning. The answer to this is simply: volatility.

Volatility is, roughly speaking, the ratio between the amount of possible winnings and the chance of winning. High volatility means that winning rounds are less frequent, but the amount of winnings is higher. With low volatility, on the other hand, the player experiences a lot of wins, but significantly smaller rewards.

In other words, no risk, no gain.

Volatility | Image: mediamodifier,, Pixabay License

Which casino games have the best payout percentages?

Roughly speaking, the payout percentage varies between different games of chance, which is why it is important to be aware of the relationship between it and the volatility of the preferred game in an online casino. Let's compare the payout percentages of popular gambling games at Gammix Casino Group Ltd casinos. :


The 6 best online casinos with the best payout ratio 2023
Game Payout rate House advantage Volatility
Video Poker 99,67 % 0,33 % Very Low
Blackjack 99,21 % 0,79 % Very Low
Baccarat 98,78 % 1,22 % Low
Euro. Roulette 97,41 % 2,59 % Medium
Slots 95,90 % 4,10 % Means
Amerik. Roulette 94,31 % 6,69 % High


How do I know that the payout ratios are correct?

Well, it's one thing to find the amount of payout odds in black and white in a list, the other is to have the certainty that they are true.

In addition to the importance of certification by the aforementioned testing institutes, the requirements of the gambling authorities that issue the licenses also play a major role. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the gambling authority from Curacao, are among the largest licensors of online casinos in the world. Each authority follows its own guidelines to determine the minimum RTP. The verification of compliance with the payout ratio takes place when applying for a license, but also at irregular intervals and in case of suspected manipulation during ongoing casino operations.

Safe and legal casinos are always happy to cooperate with the authorities and the testing institutes in this regard.

Slot machines in a casino | Photo: by CC0 License

Do you win more in the online casino or in the local gambling house?

For some casino games, such as roulette or blackjack, the payout odds are almost identical in the gaming house as in the online casino. In contrast, you can differ significantly from each other, especially in the virtual games such as slot machines. In the local gambling house, an RTP rate of 70% or even lower is usually perfectly normal, while even in the worst online casinos you can enjoy a payout rate of at least 90%.

This serious difference in the odds is due to the different business model. Local casinos have significantly higher operating costs, fewer customers, and they are also required by law to have significantly lower minimum odds.

The top 6 casinos with the best payout ratio

At the already mentioned casinos of Gammix Casino Ltd. Group remain excellent for their seriousness and security, the following 6 casinos stand out especially for their high RTP value:


Casino Slots Payout rate
Craze Play Casino 3120 98,7 %
Wunderwins 3412 98,5 %
LocoWin Casino 3689 98,1 %
Vegadream Casino 2819 97,9 %
BetOriginal Casino 1983 97,4 %
Dbosses Casino 4139 96,1 %

online slot machine | Image: OpenClipart-Vectors,, CC0 Public Domain


It's not just the payout rate that matters

Now that we have read everything about the importance of the payout ratio and volatility, the following sentence will sound surprising at first:

The payout ratio actually does not play such a big role.

All readers who have followed this article to the end will now of course blink their eyes in wonderment. But one explanation is quite obvious. The payout ratio is calculated over a long period of games. However, most players who bet for fun only play within such short periods of time that is statistically irrelevant to the RTP rate.

Therefore, it is important to also consider the overall context of the casino. Bonus offers, seriousness and, of course, the fun factor play at least as important a role as the payout rate.