The most popular lottery numbers

The most popular lottery numbers

Every lottery player has his own preferences when it comes to the right lottery numbers that he ticks on his lottery ticket. There the birthdays of the wife, the children or the friends are consulted, there the dates of certain events, like getting acquainted or wedding, are tapped and there certain numbers are ticked again and again, to which one ascribes magic abilities, as for instance the number 13.

But all this is of no use, because statistically speaking, every number has the same chance of being drawn in a lottery draw. And that again with every draw. The probability can not be outwitted.

Lotto ticket 6 out of 49

Popular numbers

So there is no combination of numbers that would finally be “ripe for a win”. Statistically speaking, this is nonsense, but it doesn’t stop many lottery players from ticking the same popular numbers over and over again. So the numbers 1 to 12 and 1 to 31 are very popular, because of the “months” and “days” from which certain dates can be combined. That’s why the number 19 (representing the century) is one of the most popular lottery numbers, along with 7 and 3.

The most popular lottery numbers

In addition to these numbers, many lottery players also tap certain patterns again and again. For example, they tick the diagonal 1, 9, 17, 25, 33 and 41, or the perpendicular 5, 12, 19, 26, 33 and 40.

Poor odds

Of course, this is not particularly clever, because such combinations are unfortunately ticked by many lottery players, so that the winning sum that each tipster receives in the end is correspondingly small. Most recently, this had to be the winners of the Wednesday draw of Lotto 6 out of 49 on the 30. July determine.
On this evening, the curious numbers 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 37 and the super number 3 were drawn as winning numbers. Such a column of numbers was last seen 15 years ago.
However, as could be expected, the amount of winnings turned out to be extremely modest. For 6 correct, the winners received only a measly 262.713.90 euros. It is common to win amounts from 1,5 up to 2 million Euro for 6 correct ones. So these winners, besides the understandable joy of having 6 correct numbers, might also have been massively annoyed, because having 6 correct numbers again in this lifetime is virtually impossible.

Therefore, number combinations from birthdays u.ä. If you want to collect the highest possible winnings in case of a win, you should try to avoid combinations of numbers that form any kind of pattern on the game ticket, because you will only have to share them with a few other players.

Most frequent numbers

However, besides all the statistics and probability, there are still a few numbers that seem to be drawn more often than others. Since the start of lottery draws in 1955, six numbers have been drawn particularly frequently. These are 49, 32, 6, 26, 33 and 38.

There are also a few numbers that have been drawn the least so far. 13, 45, 28, 30, 8 and 46 have not yet been seen so often in the draw results.

Of course, this does not mean that this has to remain so in the future, because as already mentioned above, everything goes back to square one with every draw. But a little bit of superstition and shrewdness is necessary if you want to hit the lottery numbers and hope for a big win.