BINGO! Rules and winnings

BINGO! – Rules and winnings

Bingo is a lottery that is particularly popular in the United Kingdom, the Philippines and the USA. The game principle is very simple and can therefore be learned very quickly. Bingo* is a community game and is usually played in large halls or halls of several players together.

How Bingo works.

Before the game begins, the players buy tickets or. Tickets with a number of numbers printed on them. A draw director randomly draws balls with numbers printed on them from a drum. The players mark these numbers on their tickets, provided that the drawn number is also on their ticket. As soon as a player has marked all the numbers on his ticket, he calls out loud “BINGO” and has won. This concludes the game round and the winner receives his prize.
After purchasing new tickets, a new round can begin.

There are different variants. For some, not all numbers, but predetermined patterns, rows or columns on the ticket must be marked with correct numbers to win.

This is how BINGO works! – The environmental lottery

BINGO! is a game and lottery show on the television of the North German Broadcasting Corporation (NDR). Every Sunday at 5 pm the one-hour program is broadcast on N3.
The special feature of BINGO! is that 25 percent of the ticket price will benefit projects in the field of nature conservation and environmental protection in northern Germany.

The game rules follow the basic principle of bingo. There are 25 numbers on the tickets. During the live broadcast, the numbers are drawn, whereby the actual drawing is hidden from the viewer and only the drawn numbers appear on the screen. If a player has five correct numbers in a row or diagonally, this means “BINGO”.

Still during the transmission the player experiences, how highly the profit for “BINGO” turns out. The prize amount depends on how many tickets have been sold for the current draw. In the normal case one receives for simple Bingo ca. 15 to 20 EUR and for double bingo approx. 500 to 8.000 EUR.
With a triple bingo you win the 1. Prize category. If this prize category remains unoccupied, a jackpot is created for the next draw. A jackpot of over 1 million euros can be won in this way.

Non-cash prizes

In addition to the cash prize, there are also material prizes to be won. Anyone who has Bingo on their ticket can call the studio during the live broadcast. If they are lucky and get through to the presenter, they can win prizes such as trips, jewelry or cars.

Each player can also register before the broadcast on a telephone hotline. The presenter calls one of these players during the live broadcast and gives him/her a chance to win a non-cash prize, regardless of whether this player has bingo on his/her bingo ticket or not.

Last but not least has five studio candidates are drawn via the lot number on the ticket. These five candidates will then be allowed to participate in the next live broadcast in Hanover in the studio and play for non-cash prizes. The journey, overnight stay and a dinner are included in it,.

Play along

A BINGO!-ticket costs 3 euros. The tickets are only available in the sales outlets of the German Lotto and Totoblock in the states of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Rhineland-Palatinate and Bremen.