Manila lures gamblers

Manila lures gamblers

The first casino is ready, in the planned mega gambling city near Manila. “Entertainment City” is to become the entertainment stronghold in the Philippines. Up to now gambling was not forbidden in the island kingdom in the Pacific Ocean, but larger casinos were not known here. This is now set to change dramatically.

It cost around one billion U.S. dollars to build the more than 8-hectare “Solitair Resort” complex. A casino of superlatives has been created. Just as you know it from the gambling city of Las Vegas in the US state of Nevada. 300 gaming tables, 1200 slot machines and 500 luxury rooms and suites to attract gamblers from all over Southeast Asia.


But this casino is just the beginning of “Entertainment City”. Altogether one plans a plant of 100 hectares in the Manila Bay. Three more luxury casinos are to be built here by 2023, one each year. Up to 15 billion. U.S. dollars is to be invested in the end in the gambling town.

Whether enough solvent and risk-addicted players will find the way to “Entertainment City” and thus help to recoup the investments of the Philippine backers, only the next few years will show.