Play EuroMillions now!

New: Play EuroMillions!

Finally you can also play EuroMillions in Germany.

Lotto brokers make it possible. EuroMillions has finally arrived in Germany as well. As of now you can Playing EuroMillions online and tap on the many EuroMillions!

What is EuroMillions?

Who knows EuroJackpot, will love EuroMillions. Because EuroMillions is something like the big brother of EuroJackpot. Here are Jackpots of up to unbelievable 190 million euros inside. Such gigantic profit can offer no other lottery in Germany.

Drawings for EuroMillions take place every Tuesday and every Friday at 9:30 p.m. in Paris. Each time there are at least 15 million euros in the jackpot. In addition, Super Jackpots entice from time to time, which are equipped with at least 100 million euros.

Since Europe-wide tens of millions of Tipper play along, they all tap on the “EuroMillions“, “EuroMillones” or “EuroMillions“, the jackpot can quickly grow up to 190 million euros.

How to play EuroMillions?

The game principle is very similar to EuroJackpot. You bet on 5 out of 50 numbers and on 2 out of 11 star numbers. There are 8 fields per EuroMillions ticket.

The chance of winning the jackpot is 1 in 116 million. This means that the chance of winning the EuroMillions jackpot is much higher than with Lotto 6 out of 49.

Exactly the chances of winning EuroMillions look like this:

Winning classes Correct
Chance 1:
Winning class 1 5 correct numbers, 2 correct star numbers 116.531.800
Winning class 2 5 correct numbers, 1 correct star number 6.473.989
Winning class 3 5 correct numbers 3.236.994
Winning class 4 4 correct numbers, 2 correct star numbers 517.919
Winning class 5 4 correct numbers, 1 correct star number 28.773
Winning class 6 4 correct numbers 14.387
Winning class 7 3 correct numbers, 2 correct star numbers 11.771
Winning class 8 2 correct numbers, 2 correct asterisks 821
Winning class 9 3 correct numbers, 1 correct star number 654
Profit class 10 3 correct numbers 327
Winning class 11 1 correct number, 2 correct star numbers 156
Winning class 12 2 correct numbers, 1 correct star number 46
Winning class 13 2 correct numbers 23

The chance of winning class 1 is smaller than with EuroJackpot, but with EuroMillions you can win one class more with winning class 13. The chance of 1 in 23 to win such a prize is also relatively high.

Play along

You can make your fortune in EuroMillions directly online here. You can only play once, Tuesday or Friday. Just as you like. With a permanent ticket you can be a permanent participant every Tuesday and every Friday or on only one of the two drawing days.

The stake costs 2,50 Euro for one field for one draw. Until 20:30 clock you can submit your tip.