Gold investment with value stability.

Gold: Investment with value stability.

Shining gold as bars or coins has its own fascination. It’s rare, it’s pure, and everyone wants it. But gold is not completely cheap, even though the price has recently plummeted dramatically. But this only corrected exaggerations, which are part of the daily business on the stock exchange. A healthy reaction would brokers call the price correction. And this although or just because the gold price in the 2. Quarter of this year by more than 20 percent has collapsed.

But regardless of the current price, which after all only says something about the exchange rate of gold for paper money, gold will always retain its importance. After all, gold is considered the hardest currency in the world. Its function as a lifeline for investors will continue in the future. When all paper money has lost its value and a loaf of bread, as in the great inflationary times of the last century, costs a billion again, a state that no one seriously wishes to see, then gold will always retain its real value. Then you can also buy something for gold. Good if you then not only a large bar in the safe, but his gold, for example, in 1 gram bars have in stock.

Gold investment with value stability.

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Gold has been a crisis currency for centuries. Because gold cannot be produced unlimitedly like paper money. It is only available in certain quantities on the globe and even less quantities are available in real terms. That’s why it will always keep its value, especially in a crisis and also in the time after it. While paper money and stocks can become completely worthless overnight, gold and real estate are two of the few ways to get your money through a crisis reasonably undamaged.

So everyone should invest a certain portion of their reserves in gold. Not as a speculation object, but as a stable currency for bad times. And such bad times are unfortunately more than likely in the face of the Euro crisis, which only seems to have taken a break because of the Bundestag election campaign, but will return all the more harshly to consciousness after the fall.