Lotto chances Which lottery has the best winning probability

Which lottery has the highest probability of winning?

Who has already played the lottery, will know that it is relatively difficult to get a million-dollar win. Therefore, you should always keep in mind your chances of winning. Even though the different lotteries have different amounts and probabilities of winning the jackpot in the different states, you should be aware that Fortuna will have to be very kind to you in order for you to win the jackpot.

The chances of winning the different lotteries

There are different lotteries and it is a difference if you have to guess 6 out of 45 or 49 numbers correctly. If you are looking for a good overview of the best lotto types, you should take a look at the website drop by. Whether Eurojackpot, EuroMillions, 6 out of 45, 6 out of 49 or Powerball – there you will find extensive explanations about the different lotteries and their winning probabilities.

The following overview shows the chances of winning the smallest amount of money and the respective jackpot if all numbers are correct. The probabilities refer to only one submitted betting field – if you play a whole ticket, the chances increase significantly as a result.

Lottery Chance on a money profit Chance to win the jackpot
Mini Lotto 1 to 128 1 in 850.000
Lotto 6 out of 45 1 to 12 1 to 8 Mio.
Polish Lotto 1 to 54 1 to 14 Mio.
EuroJackpot 1 in 26 1 in 95 million.
Lotto 6 from 49 1 in 31 1 to 140 million.
EuroMillions 1 to 13 1 to 140 million.
MegaMillions 1 to 15 1 to 259 million.
PowerBall 1 to 25 1 to 292 Mio.
SuperEnalotto 1 to 20 1 to 623 million.

Certainly the probabilities for the main profit stand with the different Lotterien not particularly well, but for most players a small chance on the Jackpot is sufficient already, even if for it a miracle is necessary. But as actor Paul Newman once remarked in the movie “The Color of Money”: “Winning a dollar is twice as sweet, how a dollar works out.”

The highest jackpots of the biggest lotteries

In order to be able to correctly classify the winning probabilities, one must of course always keep an eye on the amount of the respective jackpots. These differ sometimes clearly with the individual lotteries. A small overview of the different record jackpots should bring here light into the darkness:

  • Powerball: 1.46 billion. Euro
  • MegaMillions: 656 Mio. Euro
  • EuroMillions: 190 million. Euro
  • SuperEnalotto: 178 million. Euro
  • EuroJackpot: 90 million. Euro
  • Lotto 6 out of 49: 45,4 Mio. Euro
  • Polish Lotto: 13,3 Mio. Euro
  • Lotto 6 out of 45: 9.4 million. Euro
  • Mini Lotto: 83.000 Euro

Of course these are only the highest records. So not often in America at the PowerBall such high sums are found, but in January 2023 it came to this. The highest German jackpot win to date was 84.8 million euros and was cracked in July 2023 in the EuroJackpot.

Which is now the best lottery?

If you look at the winning probabilities in connection with the record amounts, you will see that the Austrian Lotto with 6 out of 45 is very attractive. But at the end of the day, every lottery has its own appeal, and thanks to online lottery providers, you can also take part in draws in other countries. However, if you want to have the jackpot to yourself, you should bet on the right numbers and choose the orphans among the number combinations.