Tips and strategies for Blackjack

Tips and strategies for Blackjack

Playing Blackjack with Strategy

Blackjack, also known in Germany as “Seventeen and Four” is one of the most popular games of chance there is. Both in the more modern online variant and in the classic “offline” mode, it still enjoys great popularity. Blackjack is preferred by the more experienced casino players, because they have much more influence on the result than, for example, in contrast to slot machines. For this purpose, they resort to a variety of different strategies. These in turn range from simple to highly complex, the latter of which must be mastered over a long period of time. We will now present some of these strategies to you:

Basic strategy

The basic strategy is considered to be the easiest way to be successful at blackjack (within the rules). In this strategy, the various statistical probabilities are considered, which result for the respective game situations. From the initial card of the “dealer” and the cards that the player has received, it is possible to calculate the specific probability that can predict the optimal move for the particular case. It is important to note that the “bank” resp. the house (i.e. the casino itself), has an advantage of 4 to 5% in each game, which has a decisive influence on winning or losing for the players. However, by following the basic strategy, this advantage can be reduced to as little as 0.5%.

The situational approach is usually presented in tabular form, listing the individual cases and the resulting instructions for action. It is advisable to memorize them as much as possible to understand the respective combinations and to be able to capitalize on them.

Some of the possible actions of the basic strategy

In the basic strategy, there are three basic actions that can be taken. It depends on the given cards, which of the actions should ideally be performed. As mentioned above, the best way to do this is to use a tabular representation of the cards. The different actions that can be performed depending on the case are:

  • Surrender
  • Double-down
  • Split

In blackjack there is the possibility of “surrender”, this allows a player to withdraw from the current hand after dealing the first two cards. This way you can avoid further losses when you are in a bad position and any further card would not be profitable anyway. As an example, one should give up if the player’s two cards add up to 15 while the dealer has turned over a 10. Similarly, if the dealer has an ace, a 10 or a 9, and the player has only a 16, the player must surrender. This strategy is usually frowned upon, simply because of its name. In German, “Surrender” literally means “to give up”. However, according to casino experts, this alone is reason enough for many players to hesitate to take this action, even if it is the most optimal option.

The so-called “double-down” technique is a kind of “all-or-nothing” strategy, where the player takes advantage of his own advantageous position by increasing the bet in situations that are statistically good for him. This effectively weakens the dealer, while the player improves his starting position.

The player has the option to perform a “split”, which means that two of the same cards can be “split”. This affects either a pair or, for example, the combination of Jack and King. As a basic rule, you should always use two aces (!) should “split.

Know your limits

It is essential for every player to know the limits of the game situation and the options derived from it. In order to make a profit in the long run, it is crucial to minimize the bets at the right moment, or to use the. be maximized depending on the given cards and one’s own probability of winning. Giving up at the right time, “splitting” the cards or going “double-down”, this is the real art of the game.

Advanced Blackjack Strategies

As seen in movies and television, “card counting” is one of the more complex strategies to succeed in blackjack. However, it is worth mentioning that this technique is not appreciated in most casinos. often even strictly forbidden.This is true throughout the history of blackjack.

An important strategic note is that “hedges” should never be taken. This applies to cases where the money is split evenly, but it is almost always a hidden advantage for the dealer. This is not something you should get involved in and you should rather do one of the above actions.

With the so-called “re-splitting”, i.e. an extended form of “splitting”, the basic strategy and its instructions for action come up against their limits. In such scenarios, the player should calculate the total score of all cards played and then act from their respective position. Especially when you are in possession of 17 points, you need to be careful. In contrast to this, you should always play aggressively at 11 or lower. Similar to two aces, two eights should be “split” every time.

Even knowing all this strategy and its implications, however, blackjack still remains a high-risk game and can often be overwhelming for novice players. It is therefore important to find a friendly dealer at the beginning and be aware of your own limits and those of the game before getting started.