Addiction to online games – what is it

Searches for online games – what is it?

What is the difference between live and online gaming? How popular are online games and what is the search rate especially among children?

A relatively new phenomenon, which has only recently been officially recognized as a disease, is addiction to the Internet. At the same time, psychologists recognize that a new phenomenon is on the rise worldwide: addiction to games, online games, gambling and other types of games. In times when there are often more computers, tablets and smartphones in households than inhabitants, this situation and threat is to be taken seriously.

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What is an addiction to online games?

A game or computer addiction can be given when a person feels compelled to use video or computer games. This phenomenon can be called a disease if it restricts the freedom of the person concerned. In extreme degrees, this can even lead to freedom renunciation and even loss of freedom.
If a person becomes pathologically addicted to games, serious therapies and treatments should be considered. Governments have only belatedly become aware of this problem and are currently reacting with studies and preventive measures. In Germany, particular importance is attached to the law for the protection of minors. Furthermore, initial training measures are already being taken in kindergartens and schools to teach young people the correct way to use technology.
Since there have been extreme cases of addiction, especially in China, you have to verify your ID number with providers before you start playing. Particularly interesting: players under the age of 18 are asked to stop playing and exercise after 3 hours of play. If they play nevertheless further, the points reached up to then are reduced by half. If the software detects that the player has already spent more than 5 hours actively playing, all points are deleted, forcing the player to stop.
In centers where addiction counseling and prevention is a common topic, it is sometimes said that about 80 percent of all addiction cases have excessive gambling as a reason.

Addiction to online games - what is it

The difference between live and online gaming

Players who choose the classic way have to look for suitable places to play there. This means at the same time: you have to dress appropriately, go to an appropriate place and usually have a reasonable amount of money at your disposal.
Casinos and gambling houses have had their appeal for centuries and especially places like Macau or Las Vegas gained worldwide fame through them. Due to this, they still attract millions of tourists every year.
In the past, casinos were a place for the rich and famous, but today you can also find amateur gamblers and amateurs among the visitors.

Online gamers, on the other hand, have a different profile. Most online gamers are people who appreciate the comfort of their own home and so play from home. The advantage is that sites , such as z.B. blackjack online kostenlos , offer their customers an excellent offer, which is at least as good. Online providers are in no way inferior to casinos in terms of what they offer. Rather, it can be said that the exact opposite is the case. Online casinos offer a much wider range of games. Nevertheless, the ambience of the online casino is not the same as that of a real casino.
Online players can connect and play with players from all over the world at any time from any location.

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Popularity of online games and addiction rate among children

The question about the popularity of games is almost superfluous. Rather, the question should be: Which games are popular. Since today almost every child has a mobile device with which they can be online anywhere, providers and companies are fighting for users who use the games. The popularity of games is growing day by day, so providers have to become more creative and develop new methods and games to attract new users and keep existing ones.
At the same time, however, there is a risk that children will become addicted to games at a young age. More and more often, parents can be seen giving their children a tablet to watch series or cartoons on it. There is a clear trend toward the use of technology, as more and more schools are offering free Wi-Fi.
According to surveys, the addiction rate among children and adolescents was approx. 8,5%. Nevertheless, it can be clearly said that the tendency is increasing. Children and young people, especially in cities, need to be taught a disciplined approach to technology so that there is a healthy mix and they get enough exercise. If this does not happen, one will see unfortunately ever more frequently persons, who are addicted to technology and Games and thereby side effects with itself bring, as for example predominance.
You have to find a clear balance in order not to fall into an addiction.