The best playing card tricks for beginners

The best playing card tricks for beginners

Playing cards | Image: © PDPics,, CC0 Public Domain

Card games are popular and, above all, those who master card tricks with confidence and virtuosity will quite quickly become the recognized and popular center of any social gathering that passes the time with various types of card games. But which tricks are ideal especially for beginners?

What types of card tricks are there today anyway?

In practice, there are very different card tricks with which a magician can enchant his auditorium. These include for example:

  • Card tricks, which only work in conjunction with appropriate equipment
  • especially easy and simple card tricks (Easy to go)
  • Card tricks based on specific turns of the card
  • Tricks based on leading cards
  • Mathematical card tricks
  • Card tricks, which require the involvement of a spectator
  • Amateur tricks
  • Nonsense card tricks
  • Impromptu card tricks
  • Four ace card tricks
  • Black and red card tricks
  • Tricks with presorted cards
  • so-called special decks.

How to learn the best and easiest card tricks?

The most important requirement to learn card tricks effectively and quickly are card games. While in the past you had to buy card games in stores, today there are free card games long ago.

Other essential requirements to learn the best and easiest card tricks quickly and effectively are practice, time and of course a lot of patience. Basically, card tricks are much easier and faster to learn than many other magic tricks that do not require cards.

If you want to get into modern magic or conjuring, learning card tricks is a good place to start. It makes sense, provided that the magician acquires an appropriate basic repertoire of card tricks. This should be practiced then in each case regularly so long, until it sits absolutely error-free. Only then can the magician move on to successively acquire further and, above all, more difficult card tricks with a lot of patience and skill.

Technique and presentation techniques for card tricks

Every card trick is all the better appreciated by the audience, the more effective and, above all, the more professionally it is presented. Of course, the mood in the room plays a decisive role and should be influenced by the magician accordingly. The basic requirements for a successful presentation of card tricks by a magician are always charm and humor. Often it goes down much better with the audience if comparatively simple or even curious card tricks are presented and performed than highly complicated mathematical rituals.

In principle, the magician should therefore endeavor to achieve the ideal symbiosis and combination of skill and dexterity, of interesting card trick and amazing effect, in conjunction with an always exciting presentation of the whole process.

What are the sources of card tricks?

Effective and amazing card tricks, an interested magician can either learn from an experienced mentor or he may alternatively one of the numerous textbooks for card tricks, or use the Internet for this purpose. For example, the popular Internet service YouTube now offers a good source of inspiration when it comes to learning new card tricks.

Can anyone learn card tricks?

Here the principle applies that it is basically possible for everyone to learn appropriate card tricks. A certain dexterity, patience, humor, wit and natural quick-wittedness are crucial for the magician to be successful. If you have the qualities mentioned here in an excellent way, you will find it easier to learn card tricks.