Tax return How to apply for an extension of the deadline.

Tax return: how to apply for an extension of the deadline.

The 31. May is normally the deadline for submitting the tax return.

Today is the 01. June. As the children in many parts of Germany are happy about gifts and great actions, because today is – as every year on 01. June – Children’s Day. For adults, today is not such a happy day, because today is the last possible date to file your tax return on time at the appropriate tax office. Normally, this deadline is the 31. May, but this year it fell on a weekend, so today is the final day.

Only those who commission a tax advisor or a wage tax assistance association to prepare the tax return for them are in the clear. These two groups have a little longer to file the tax return. For all other taxpayers, the deadline is 31 December.May (or. the 01. June this year).

Sample for deadline extension

Those who have not yet submitted their tax return should hurry to complete the return and bring it to the appropriate tax office. But often this is not possible so quickly for various reasons. Therefore, one should apply for an extension of the deadline as soon as possible. Only in such a way one can avoid personal disadvantages, which can easily go into the money.

If you already know your processor in the tax office, the name is on the last tax notice, then you can certainly try to request the extension by phone or even e-mail. The tax officials are usually much more sociable and cooperative than is commonly assumed. But if you want to be absolutely sure, then you submit your written request for an extension of the deadline by fax or letter.

The consequences of strolling

Who lets the period for the delivery of the tax declaration pass idly, receives as a rule after some days or weeks, depending upon how busy the tax office responsible for one is straight, a reminder letter. In this letter, one is requested to submit the tax return by a final deadline set by the tax official.

If this deadline is not met, the tax office will estimate the income and issue a tax assessment. With this tax assessment, the taxpayer is usually worse off, because special expenses and higher income-related expenses are not taken into account. In addition, the tax office can charge the taxpayer a late payment surcharge (this amounts to one percent of the amount due, rounded down to an amount divisible by 50, for each month or part thereof) for the delay.

One has now 4 weeks time to file objection against this tax notice. If you do not, the tax is fixed after the expiration of 4 weeks. Later changes are then usually no longer possible.